I just finished a Shoot for a long-standing client for a cover and a few inside stories in a medical magazine. For the cover and lead story, we wanted to focus on the great people who care for the patients. The folks that generally don’t get the coverage the doctors or lead clinicians do, but who are just as vital to the patients positive experience while in the hospital. We decided, after some location scouting, to use the hustle and bustle of the corridors outside the OR suites to serve as the location for a working portrait of one of these people, James Braithwaite, who works in patient transport. Unfortunately, as can happen in a lot of productions in hospitals, more important things came up.  In this Shoot, the O.R’s. tight scheduling didn’t work to our advantage for the amount of traffic we wanted in the corridor and for reasons beyond anyone’s control the people scheduled for the shoot were needed to attend to more urgent patient care.  In these situations, flexibility is the key. So with a couple impromptu draftees as principles we started at the location.  The shoot took a little bit more time than we estimated, since we had no people to actually control, I had to  massaged the people into where we needed them as they went about their normal work activities.  Joking a bit with them here, kidding there, cajoling a bunch – in the end, no problem,  I repopulated the corridor in post.

Copyright John Zillioux All Rights ReservedEveryone was dropped in, except for the patient, one of the last-minute draftees seated in the OR chair, and James, the transporter;  nurse on frame left,  technician on frame right, nurse in profile in the background and the mobile-table legs on frame right just behind the technician.  I also had to re-work the wall on the left, which was pretty plain in the main shot. I married the separate elements to the main shot with the individual element’s reflections on the polished tile floor.  Everything worked well; we had minimal impact on the hospital’s busy routine, we got the image, and the client loved the cover.