A couple images from a recent shoot:

Copyright John Zillioux 2012 All Rights RecervedPortrait taken inside Florida International University’s newly built engineering research facility named the “Wall of Wind” –

© John Zillioux 2013 All Rights Reserved

Researchers setting up the speed sensors in the wind field test section before a project run.

a massive array of 12 six foot electric fans, each fan generating 700 horsepower and capable of producing a Category 5, 157 mph rain & wind-field test section 15 x 20 feet wide.  _JZ14795

This is the nations first university test facility capable of simulating a sustained Cat 5 hurricane and is used to test building & construction principals & materials in a controlled environment to develop better, stronger & safer structures and building codes.


Copyright John Zillioux 2012 All Rights ReservedFlorida International University “3 Dimensional Brain Imaging” Research.

__________________________________________© John Zillioux 2012 All Rights ReservedStudents working in the manufacturing cleanroom Lab – FIU Engineering Research Department