Charleston is known for its great climate … well except maybe late Summer which can be a bit warm if you aren’t in or on the water.  But every once in a while we get hit by snow. Not a lot as most northern snow storms go but still for us, it’s still snow and we kind of look forward to it.  This week, like everyone else in the South, we got hit by one of those storms. However, instead of “the couple inches” of snow we were supposed to get, we got ice, all ice!  Jeez, I forgot how miserable ice storms are.  It wasn’t as bad as Atlanta or Alabama with folks sleeping in their cars on I-26 or anything but still it shut down the city, lots of power outages and closed all the area bridges for a few days. Here’s a shot of my car before the actual storm hit, just freezing rain and sleet.  It was much worse and heavier during the actual storm, but no images of that from me. I stayed warm & dry inside with Tanner …my mom didn’t raise no fool.

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Ice Storm, Charleston, SC