Now, I’m a photographer not a writer and I live in Charleston, South Carolina on a large island not far off the “downtown” peninsula. This area of South Carolina is populated by thousands of meandering creeks, tidal streams and shallow waterways that wind their way around the many low, sandy-soiled islands and heads that serve as barrier islands to the Atlantic ocean and a buffer to the storms that frequent this coast. The creeks, marshlands and surrounding land are home to a multitude of species of fish, crab, birds and mammals and together with the moss-covered Oak islands and people combine to form a wonderful, loosely defined geographic location (and oftentimes, spirit)  known as the “Low Country”.  It’s where I’ve lived for 15 years with my wife, daughter, and dogs – many dogs …  and a couple of cats as well.

I have to travel a bunch for work, since I’m a location photographer, and I’ve been doing that for over twenty-five years.  As a bit of background, I stated as a photographer in Miami as an excuse to spend more time in the Everglades, photographing birds and wildlife and spending as much time as I could out in that spectacular place.  The Creative Director at  J. Walter Thompson, happened to see some of my work and asked if I’d be interested in shooting some projects for him (thanks, George).  Things went well, I opened a commercial studio and moved from photographing birds to shooting fashion … sounds like a huge jump but it’s not very different, really.  Bathing suits, cruise-wear, catalogs, hair ads, editorial fashion spreads, lifestyle, more bathing suits … I shot a lot of bathing suits.

After a few years I wanted a change and started shooting more corporate, annual report, environmental portraits and product advertising work; which was much more interesting and technically demanding.   Cardiac Catheters, Pacemakers, mainframe computers, Argon Lasers, CEOs, boardrooms, technicians, Operating Rooms, boats, 18 wheeled Semis, etc.; in studio and sound stages but more often, on location.  It’s the nature of the type of magazine, annual report and advertising work I do; show up at the designated time and place, and make the shoot work—regardless of the weather or location … react, organize or recognize the organization in a perpetually changing, fluid & chaotic landscape.  It’s the type of work I really love. You can see some of my current work here.  It’s mostly corporate and commercial work and doesn’t have any of the product or the fashion work, that I shot earlier in my career … primarily people, environmental portraits and some favorite images & projects.

I started this blog to serve as a venue for some of my personal photographic project work; something much more informal and readily up-datable than my web site; and a place to do some writing, which I enjoy.


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